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20 Mar 2023

Have a nice two days of x2 EXP and x2 SKILL because of SPRING!

17 Mar 2023

If anyone lost eq/preyslot/mount/addon. Please contact us in the ticket on Discord. We will verify based on the base save from the previous game engine. As for the bestiary - if someone loses, we won't be able to verify it.

17 Mar 2023

Have a nice x2 LOOT and x2 Spawn! Todays midnight restart will take couple minutes more, due to little(only couple minutes) technical break.

15 Mar 2023

Fixed Werelions, improved mob respawn and quantity. ; The specter cathedral has been improved. ; Asura Mirror -3 enlarged passages to 3sqm instead of 2sqm. ; Carnivory has also been fixed. ; The path to the dragon on Rookgaard has been fixed. ; Added Ice witch spot on rookgaard. ; Fixed dragon caves on rookgaard. ; Still fighting with crashes problem, in touch! :D

8 Mar 2023

By decision of the majority of players, we rolled back the database save to 20:15 07.03.2023. In return, the EXP & SKILL bonus is active from now until the end of the weekend! We are not planning any changes for the next week, we need to chill. tongue-out Sorry for the inconvenience.

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18.3.2023 - There was a lot of action!
Author: GOD Tefcio


We have been devoting much more time to the development of the server in recent times than we had planned to devote. We were forced through an attack from servers who consider themselves our competition. In reality - we have no competition. Our principles, our action plan do not coincide with any other server. We are building our monopoly world. We waited until the last bugs were cleared to release this news to you. We have fixed all the bugs encountered and abused by pests. It is well known that no OTS is perfect and for the chocoholic - nothing difficult to find a bug - but we have fixed the critical bugs which we have found - there is still a lot to do but we are still going straight! Many of us have neglected other areas of our daily lives through the recent bout of bugs, so please bear with us(tickets etc.), we will be taking a little rest over the next week and devoting a little less time to help/repairs - in order to regenerate our strength. 


Well known Bosstiary is here! We have introduced a number of new features while fixing bugs, most notably the addition of Bosstiary, which comes into effect from today. It still has a few bugs, such as Boss Points not saving, but we will fix that in our own time. In addition, we finalised improvements to imbuing, critter bonuses, and some minor quest-related fixes. During last weekend's double exp & skill we broke the online players record(273 players). We hope to push this barrier by a few more people soon. Psst... The plan is this: in our opinion, the ideal number of players on one server is 200-300 people. More than that is already a crowd, so if we break the 300-person barrier - we will open another, additional, side server in some time. Which one would you prefer? Retro Hardcore PvP or Non-PvP?


Along with the uploaded update, we encountered a bug that we were fighting last week. On the test server everything worked, but here it didn't want to. If anyone lost eq/preyslot/mount/addon. Please contact us in the ticket on Discord. We will verify based on the base save from the previous game engine. As for the bestiary - if someone loses, we won't be able to verify it, so from tomorrow on for a week there will be an event that adds 5 bestiary kills for every kill.

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26.1.2023 - Little but BIG update!
Author: GOD Tefcio

Welcome to another update - this time quite small but very much significant and awaited! With today's server save at midnight, a lot of news and changes come into our game server. I am very pleased to inform you that from now on the server you will find a large majority of bosses from real tibia (more detailed list below)! On the occasion of bosses, we also added endings to known quests, such as the sourwar quest! We are getting more complete! It's not a big deal, but admit that it was missing, and soon we will also move to version 13.11 and you will not only see Chillera server, but also hear. Due to the fixed/added missing bosses, until the end of 28.01.2023, the list of tasks will remain the same (so you can finish them), and after this date, 60% of the tasks will disappear - all of which contain items that can already be obtained by killing the boss (also task on primal bag - Gnomprona is now playable). That's what the tasks were for, to replace the missing bosses - now we don't need them in this edition. But it doesn't change the fact that doing tasks is a great option and we will definitely keep adding new ones to fully replace the old ones empty spaces! Be sure to write suggestions on Discord on the #discussion-and-ideas channel what you think should be included in the rewards for new tasks. We hope this change to how you get your items kicks things off in Game Market even more! And for the great contribution to the update, you can also thank GM Wyczilowany.

I wish you good loot and good exp - after all, we are just starting the x2 EXP and SKILL event! Happy hunting! ❤

Made changes/repairs/news:

  • Grave Danger bosses fixed/added(King Zelos added, others have improved mechanics)
  • A Pirates Tail Quest bosses and mechanics added(Ratmiral BlackwhiskersTentuglys Head)
  • Adventures of Galthen boss and mechanics added(Megasylvan Yselda)
  • Ancient Feud bosses and mechanics added(Katex Blood Tongue, Srezz Yellow Eyes, Utua Stone StingYirkas Blue Scales)
  • Feaster of Souls bosses and mechanics added(The Dread MaidenThe Fear FeasterThe Pale WormThe Unwelcome)
  • Kilmaresh bosses and mechanics added(Amenef the BurningNeferi the SpySister Hetai)
  • Primal Ordeal Quest bosses and mechanics added(The Primal Menace) Primal Bag tasks will be available till 28.01.2023
  • Soulwar Quest bosses and mechanics added(fear system is still not here, we are not sure about it;Aspect of PowerDreadful HarvesterGoshnar's CrueltyGoshnar's GreedGoshnar's HatredGoshnar's MaliceGoshnar's MegalomaniaGoshnar's SpiteHateful SoulMalicious SoulMean MawSpiteful Spitter)
  • The Dream Courts bosses and mechanics added.
  • The Secret Library bosses added and fixed mechanics.

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14.1.2023 - Stay updated!
Author: GOD Tefcio

Hi! Please forgive us for some minor lags this weekend. The server made, as you well know, from the pleasure of players for equally chill players was not prepared for such a large income of new people! It makes us very happy and drives us to do even more, but I will mention it again - we do as much as we can! Spam doesn't speed things up, it slows us down. We have a life, a family, a job and sometimes we just want to play together with you. We're moving the server to a MUCH more powerful machine next week, which will make the gaming experience even better than before, and of course, we'll be ready for an even bigger income of players. In addition, as many of you have already noticed, a new Discord server has been created, separate from my social media, to which I invite you all, click here to join! There you will find frequent giveaways for Chillera Coins and you will integrate even more with our wonderful community.


Finally, a short FAQ for new players composed of the most frequently asked questions:


  1. Give me something, how and where to earn at the beginning?It's easy! You don't need to ask anyone, because you will earn enough gold by completing custom tasks (type !task in chat). A more convenient list of tasks and a description of how it works can be found here.
  2. What are the skilling possibilities? - Literally everything you can imagine: offline training, online training(trainers in Thais temple left-side teleport) and skilling with exercise weapons.
  3. I got a "golden raid token" what is it and what is it for? - The entire system is described here.
  4. Can bots be used? - Just leave and find another server
  5. Do you have to do access quests? - No, all basic accesses are immediately unlocked
  6. Can you skill on exit-logout? - And that is a difficult question! According to the settings - the character with PZ (we have PZ on trainers) should be logged in to exit within 4 hours. And it happens differently - for unknown reasons. Some stay up all day, others log out after 30 minutes. It's possible that it's a matter of mini lag, which will be gone after changing the machine next week
  7. Where can I find NPCs who buy items? - Teleport on NPC island you have in every temple, and in the Event Room, where custom Bosses spawn only in temple Thais.
  8. Do I have access to imbuing from the beginning and where can I buy items for it? - Yes, you have access to full imbuing and you can buy items for it from the NPC on NPC Island -1 (located next to the imbuing shrine)

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23.12.2022 - Have a happy Christmas holidays and New Year 2023!
Author: GOD Tefcio

Hello dear Chillerians!

Guys, I wish you a lot of health, great time spent with your loved ones and happiness together and success in the implementation of your future plans. Due to the holidays and the end of the year, I decided to summarize the current statistics of our server.

The server started on 18th September 2022 with a maximum of 16 players at the start. Then we gradually grew stronger and we are still growing until now! (record online: 60players) We are the only server that does not have a downward trend in activity, and this only proves that you are playing wonderfully here! And this is what makes us very happy at the end of this year. ~1200 accounts and ~2500 characters have been created in our database since the start. This is definitely more than we planned and it drives us to continue, thank you! <3 We wish, as all chillerians, that next year our wonderful community will be even bigger. Our main slogan, which stands in the back stage of marketing/advertising actions related to the server, is: Quantity does not matter, quality matters. We are slowly building something beautiful. The Tibian community without toxicity(which is punished on the server, we are here to enjoy, not to get angry), smiling and having fun. We didn't believe that something like this could be done, over the course of those less than 4 months we understood that it could be done very well, and this is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Ohh... And have a happy hunting because of x2 EXP and SKILL Event till the end of the year! <3

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9.12.2022 - UPDATE TIME!
Author: GOD Tefcio

Dear Chillerians! The time we've been waiting for has come!

1. Update

If someone was waiting for Christmas, it's also partly about Christmas holidays, but not only! Big update package is ready to implement to our server! Unfortunately, it will not be uploaded on the occasion of the one of midnight restart, but we need to shut down the server for a few hours to synchronize the new package with the previously made changes in the previous package. Due to the fact that we work at different times every day, it is difficult for us to determine the exact day. Rather, we will meet with the team spontaneously and then we will introduce an update. We could do it now, but we don't want to take away any hour of the weekend double event, so the update will be done after the weekend, the server some day of the next week (we'll try early in the week, i think tuesday) will be closed in the morning and opened in the afternoon/evening. During the update, we will keep you updated on the news ticker and Discord about the progress of work and the fact that the server has already been opened. 

ARE YOU F*CKING READY FOR FORGE SYSTEM?! cool ... and some other new features and fixes, but forge is the most important anyway!


2. Christmas at Chillera and Discord competition!

Since there's an update and Christmas is coming, let's have a competition! A #screenshots channel has been created on our Discord server, where we count on your creativity! Make a screenshot of the game in the spirit of Christmas, the best and the most creative screen will be rewarded with an increase in the tier of their own item which the winner will choose by +1! The other screenshots will be rewarded with small codes for Chillera Coins. All posted screenshots with Christmas theme wins(someone 100tc, someone tier +1, someone 500tc and others 50tc for encouragement)! On the occasion of Christmas, on the days after the above update, Santa Claus will appear in Thais, who will give gifts as usual in Tibia!


3. Events in December!

The event weekends calendar has been updated recently, but here's what it will look like:

09.12.2022 - 11.12.2022 (3days) x2 EXP and SKILL
16.12.2022 - 18.12.2022 (3days) x2 SPAWN and LOOT
21.12.2022 - 31.12.2022 (11days of Christmas holidays) x2 EXP and SKILL


4. Lets make everything clear between us! <3

As with the update we are starting another, new chapter on CHILLERA.NET, we want to remind for new and old players about what the server looks like and work on it from the back-end. The server was created as a hobby by players, for players - and nothing has changed since then - and we've been together for exactly three months, since nothing has changed so far, we are not announcing any changes to our approach. Majority of money from donations for Chillera Coins is reinvested in the fee/improvement of the machine on which the server is located and for advertising on forums or OTLists. By the way, come and keep us at the top of the list and refresh the topic on the biggest Tibia forum. Visit here and comment - additionally, at random times we post there codes for Chillera Coins, also by visiting the website systematically, you can find some unused code! As for the work on the server - we are using, as is well known, a public package, on which we are PART dependent. We have a lot of our own custom solutions that we work on in our spare time. We wouldn't be able to work fully on everything - we simply don't have enough time and it would no longer be a pleasure, but work. We have other things to do with work, and let's not combine pleasure with it! So you need to know that we have been working, working and will continue to work on the server in the same way and with the same amount of time. We systematically check bug reports, fix what we can, pass some bugs on and wait for a miracle from heaven. From what we track the package we use, another big update is on its way, where apart from what is now, there will be more news from the latest real tibia. First of all, client 13 with sound, new monsters/outfits/mounts/locations and others!

Have a nice hunting Chillerians! <3