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4 Dec 2022

We still have a few issues with the Addon Doll script that was supposed to replace the Music Box in the tournament coins store. You will still be able to buy a Music Box until it is fixed. I think we need just couple days more. Sorry!

2 Dec 2022

Have a nice x2 Loot and Spawn EVENT!

1 Dec 2022

Event calendar updated for next month! Look here

30 Nov 2022

A few fixes in the event calendar on the website!

29 Nov 2022

30/11 will be the last day to purchase the Music Box with Tournament Coins. With the new month, the offer will be changed to another rare item.

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17.11.2022 - Poll about the future performance of the forge system!
Author: GOD Chillera

Hi guys!

The update is very close, the forge system is ready! We are only waiting for a few other systems/fixes. We don't want to split the update - we will roll it to the server when everything will be ready! We decided to give you the opportunity to create the future of the server. We have created a poll about how will work the forge system after the update. Be sure to visit the link below and vote for - how do you think this system should look like on our server. Difficult as RL or slightly easier?


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29.10.2022 - November plans for Bonus EVENTS.
Author: GOD Chillera

Hi! The update with version 13.05 (including the forge system, missing bosses and monsters) is fast approaching! Unfortunately, therefore, when we will have everything ready, we will have to close the server for a few hours. Therefore, please visit the website often and check the ticker/news to know what day the technical maintenance will take place. Other topic is plan for next month Bonus Events! Analyzing the last poll and your feedback from the game during the bonus events, we decided to try to implement the following event plan for the next month:

04.11.2022 - 06.11.2022 x1.5 LOOT and x1.5 SPAWN
11.11.2022 - 13.11.2022 x1.5 EXP and x1.5 SKILL
18.11.2022 - 20.11.2022  x2 LOOT and x1.5 SPAWN
25.11.2022 - 27.11.2022 x2 EXP and x2 SKILL

Additionally, considering that this weekend is being extended in many countries and Monday and Tuesday are free from work/school, this weekend's x1.5 EXP event is extended to Tuesday(inclusive)!

Happy hunting Chillerians!


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21.10.2022 - Couple words about Tournament Coins store!
Author: GOD Chillera

Hi! The end of the month is approaching, so the main item will be changed in the Tournament Coins Store! Until now, this item has been Ferumbras' Hat! Use your coins and buy as much as you can, because this item will never return to the Tournament Coins Store! This is the main assumption - from time to time we change items, and those that were here will not be here anymore. So your only option will be to loot this item from Ferumbras, or buy it from players, so the item will slowly start growing in price! What will be next in this place? To the point! Music Box - an item for taming various (including rare) mounts with a 100% chance of taming. The price will be much cheaper than for Ferumbras' Hat to quickly flood the market with Music Boxes, because they will also appear on the store only once! 

Make good use of the time until the end of the month! This is a chance to earn a lot of money in some time! What will be the first mount you catch with your Music Box?!

By the way, have a nice hunting during the SPAWN Bonus Weekend!


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15.10.2022 - Community poll and quick info about next month plans
Author: GOD Chillera

Hi! After analyzing your feedback on weekend bonus events, I decided to create a poll to formally complete everything. Please vote below which event you like the most and would like to see it most often during the weekends of the next month. The event with the fewest votes will not be used.

In addition to the plans for next month - we optimistically estimate that at the beginning of the next month we will be able to implement a big update which for example will fix the missing bosses, add a forge and move to this revolutionary 13 client with the option of game sounds!

In the meantime, have a nice x1.5 LOOT Event!

Lets just chill together...

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7.10.2022 - We reward nicely decorated houses!
Author: GOD Chillera

Hello! In my opinion, one of the parts of the old Tibia vibe is the house decorations! Who hasn't dreamed of a perfectly decorated Tibia house that you don't want to leave? Every few days/week I will run around the main cities and look at the houses. If I like decorating one of them or it will be very creative - I will reward you by leaving some Tournament Coins at the house. A bit like Santa Claus! laughing Nothing special, but for sure some mini-award for those who love it. It does not matter if they are decorated by items acquired in the game - or purchased on the Store. Both possibilities have the same chances.

Simply put - let those willing to pimp their houses!